Straightening brush: how it works and tips

When it comes to hair, there is no rule or consensus: there are those who appreciate totally straight hair; there are those who prefer “moving” hair, or curly or well curly hair. And the truth is that, today, for all these preferences, there is a solution when you have interesting small appliances at hand.

The hairdryer , for example, has long been an ally when it comes to ensuring smoother hair, among other effects; then came the flat iron , which forever changed the way of straightening the hair ... Then again, babyliss , a great ally when it comes to achieving perfect curls and incredible hairstyles.

More recently, new devices have emerged with the proposal to facilitate the daily lives of women who like to take care of the beauty of their hair. Among them, the straightening brush which, although it has already conquered many people, still divides opinions and / or causes doubts in those who have not yet used it.

After all, what does this device do? How to use it? What are the differences between the straightening brush and the flat iron?

Adriana Neto, hairstylist at Esmell Leblon, explains that the straightening brush is a device that promises to smooth the hair as you comb it. It works similarly to the flat iron, but, of course, with its particularities - starting with the shape of a brush, with bristles, which seems to facilitate handling and adhesion to the wires.

For Adriana, before buying a straightening brush, it is interesting to think about some points. “It is good to take into account your hair type and what you are looking for. If the wire is already smooth, for example, I believe that this device will not provide much effect. But, if your hair is well curled and curly, the ionic hair brush can be a 'hand on the wheel' and is very practical ”, he comments.

Tips for a better result

Thinking about buying a straightening brush? In addition to choosing a good product, there are other tips that can help when it comes to achieving a great hair result!

Use a thermal protector: as in the case of ordinary drying and flat iron, it is very important to use a thermal protector before the straightening brush, thus preventing the wires from being harmed by the heat of the appliance.

Divide the hair into strands: Adriana points out that the tip is to separate several strands and brush each one. Depending on the type of hair, it is necessary to apply the device on each strand more than once to obtain a better result.

Never use the product on wet hair: unless the product has the particularity of also drying the wires, never use the traditional straightening brush on wet wires, as this will "fry" them, as in the case of the flat iron, warns Adriana.

Do not overdo the use: as in the case of the hairdryer and flat iron, excessive use of the straightening brush can damage the wires a lot. Use sparingly (not every day).

Respect the particularities of your hair: most straightening brushes have more than one temperature, so the tip is to know how to use these different temperatures. Thin hair, for example, does not need the maximum temperature of the appliance.

Untangle the hair beforehand : a simple but important tip is to comb the strands with a normal brush before starting to use the straightening brush, this will facilitate straightening and prevent further damage to the strands.

The straightening brush is yet another appliance that arrived with the promise of making it easier for women who like to take care of their hair! As is the case with other products in the beauty industry, their results share opinions ... There are those who declare that “they can no longer live without”, however, some say that they still prefer the traditional hairdryer or the already popular flat iron. Have you tested it?